Mark Owens

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Peer Reviewed Articles

"Emergency Response, Public Behavior, and the Effectiveness of Texas Counties in a Pandemic." 2020. 
Journal of Political Institutions & Political Economy. With Renee M. Johnson.

"Organizing Staff in the U.S. Senate: The Priority of Individualism in Resource Allocation." 2020.
Congress & the Presidency. With Nick Howard.

"Circumventing Legislative Committees: Use of Rule XIV in the U.S. Senate." 2020. 

Legislative Studies Quarterly 45(3): 495-526. With Nicholas Howard. 

"The Vice President in the U.S. Senate: Examining the Consequences of Institutional Design." 2018.

Congress & The Presidency  45(2): 145-165. With Michael Lynch, Anthony Madonna, and Ryan Williamson

"Changing Senate Norms: Judicial Confirmations in a Nuclear Age." 2018.

PS: Political Science and Politics 51(1): 119-123.

"Regulating the Floor: Tabling Motions in the U.S. Senate, 1865-1946." 2016.

American Politics Research 44(1): 56-80. With Jamie L. Carson and Anthony Madonna.

"Partisan Efficiency in an Open-Rule Setting: The Amending Process in the U.S. Senate, 1865-1945." 2013.

Congress & The Presidency  40(2): 105-128. With Jamie L. Carson and Anthony Madonna.


Game of Politics: Conflict, Power, & Representation (Open Source U.S. Government Text). 2020. 
The University of Texas at Tyler Press. With Kenneth Bryant, Jr. and Eric Lopez.

Book Chapters

"Examining Adult Learning of 'Giving Back' Initiatives." In Handbook of Research on Adult Learning in

Higher Education. Hershey, PA: IGI Publishers. With Rochell McWhorter, Jessie Rueter, Joanna Neel, and

Gina Doepker. Forthcoming.

"Lawmaking." 2015.  In Robert A. Scott and Stephen M. Kosslyn, eds. Emerging Trends in the Social

and Behavioral Sciences. New York: Wiley. With Jamie L. Carson.

Other Publications

"Conflicting Attitudes of Texans on Wall and Border Policies." Commentary: Austin American-Statesman

March 11, 2019. With Kenneth Bryant, Jr. and Ken Wink.

"User's Guide to Researching at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library." PEP Report. Fall 2018.

"Are Courtesy Meetings Nuked?" LegBranch: Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group. July 10, 2018.

"User's Guide to Researching at the George W. Bush Presidential Library." PEP Report. Spring 2018.

East Texans support Trump, but at lower levels than 2012.” Tribtalk: Texas TribuneNovember 8, 2016.