Election Day Participation

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On Election Day the polls at precincts (see Election Day locations) across the county will be open from 7am to 7pm.

 Participant 1 Participant 2 Hours LocationWorking/Observing   
 Caleb Morrison     Chris Nafrady 7-9am Mt Carmel Baptist Church (WH) Observing
 Neal Howard Madison Jobe 7-9am Rose Heights Observing
 Ashley McGowan N/A  Rusk County Working
 Jace Farris N/A  10-12pm Chapel Hill HS Working
 Jace Farris Caleb Morrison 12-2pm Chapel Hill HS Observing
 Mason Miller Tim Fauss 12-2pm St. Louis Baptist Observing
 Mason Miller Tim Fauss 2-4pm St. Louis Baptist Observing/Working
 Judah Bozeman N/A 12-2pm Jones-Boshears Elementary Working
 Judah Bozeman Nikelas Simmons 2-4pm Jones-Boshears Elementary Observing
 Nneamaka Okonma Andrew Fitzgerald 12-2pm Bell Elementary Observing
 Nneamaka Okonma Partner Needed 3-5pm TBD Observing
 Tim Fauss Andrew Rooks 5-7pm The HUB Observing
 Caleb Morrison Mason Miller (tentative) 5-7pm Lindale Public Library Observing
 Nikelas Simmons Judah Bozeman 5-7pm Dayspring Methodist Observing
 Neal Howard
 Theresa Simmons 5-7pm Rose Heights Observing
 Katie Hicken & Sulayman Drammeh Jace Farris 5-7pm Heritage Building Observing