Election Observation Project

UT Tyler AdmissionsStudents at UT Tyler will work as poll workers and take part in the Polling Place Observation Project during the 2018 election.

Opportunities exist for Early Voting (Oct 22 - Nov 2) and Election Day (Nov. 6)
  1. Students in POLS 3335 should be signed up to work between 3 and 5 hours with Smith County as a poll worker.
  2. Then choose two hour time frames to observe the election with a peer. Here one person will be inside the polling location and one person will be outside. On a form you will document every 10 minutes how long it takes for a person to vote. This applies to POLS 3335 students and all volunteers.
Contact Mark Owens (mowens@uttyler.edu) to choose a time and be assigned a location.

Note IF YOU ARE NOT TRAINED TO BE A POLLWORKER (Smith County), you must be an OUTSIDE observer.

Details are not finalized until they are posted on the page.